Hello Dental

We recently spoke with Shirley and Miriam from Hello Dental who are offering their clients PartPay.

Firstly, tell us a bit about your business Hello Dental?

Hello Dental is in the heart of Mission Bay in Auckland and we offer a refreshing alternative to healthcare. From oral healthcare solutions and regular checkups to orthodontic treatments and cosmetic options. We offer a cosmetic focus as well as the standard dental health service which gives the customer variety and service as well as securing our clinic year-round, regular appointments.

What drove you to sign up to accept PartPay?

In dentistry if there is a problem with the tooth, it will only get worse, which is why timely treatment is paramount. PartPay allows for our clients to have treatment which may not have been budgeted for. Similarly, a major benefit has been for the client in taking the embarrassment out of explaining they may not be able to afford a full payment or having to defer treatment. Most clients know about this type of payment option from other industries and therefore it has been a welcome addition to what we offer.

How did the implementation of Partpay go for your business?

The implementation of PartPay earlier this year has been seamless for the clinic. The no surprises, straight forward nature of the product has made it very easy and it’s comforting to know there is always a helpful person on the end of the phone. Everyone we have come into contact with at PartPay have been so professional and helpful, it really couldn’t have been more simple.

What has your Customer feedback been so far around PartPay?

It’s all about simplicity really, it’s been really simple in that it syncs with our current systems and has been straight forward to explain to clients. The customers have adopted it easily and it allows them the flexibility of perhaps adding another treatment to their current health plan, such as whitening without having to wait.

Dentistry may not be the most traditional industry to find PartPay, so it’s all about letting your customers know you have this option. How are you promoting it?

Our staff are telling customers about it when discussing treatment options and we have the clear signage that Partpay have given us on display in reception which is definitely helping. We’ve also been really excited to launch a Social Media campaign in partnership with PartPay. We have chosen our very reasonably priced whitening treatment to hero this campaign, it is especially relevant in the lead up to Christmas. We have worked closely with PartPay on this they have shared this with their database and given us helpful suggestions along the way. They have awesome customer service!